Okey Dokey


 This week we’ve chosen a band that is no stranger to the Acme Radio Live studio, Okey Dokey. Be sure to tune in every Monday – Friday at 11 am and again at 7 pm to check out their newest single, “S’gonna”

These self proclaimed “wizards born to ride” have sure taken listeners on a trip. Between the constant collaborations with fellow Nashville musicians (Check out their recent collab with RayLand Baxter, When They Get Older) and running around dressed at senior citizens for their latest music video, the boys of Okey Dokey have sure kept us entertained. Their charm extends past their artistic talents – making them not only talented musicians but hilarious characters who Acme Radio is pleased to call friends.

Whether it’s for good or for the season, Okey Dokey is the product of that natural reformation that occurs when musicians part ways. Fronted by visual artist Aaron Martin and The Weeks’ guitarist Johny Fisher, the live band features a shifting cast including members of The Weeks, Sol Cat, Desert Noises, Diane Coffee, and Wild Child.

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