This week we’re directing the attention to an artist by the name of nobigdyl. Be sure to tune in every Monday – Friday at 11 am and again at 7 pm when we’’ll be playing his latest single, “over here”.

While Nashville has always been seen as the country music mecca of the world, there’s been a sizable (and honestly quite noticeable) market for hip hop that needs expanding upon. That’s where this week’s love comes in.  Dylan Phillips, now recognized more often by his stage name, “nobigdyl”, has had made waves in our city’s hip hop scene. Phillips remembers wrapping from the time he was 9 years old, around the same time he and his family relocated from Oakland, CA, to Bell Buckle, TN. It was in this tiny town of Bell Buckle that Phillips cultivated not only his love  but his talent for rapping Flash forward not quite 20 years and nobigdyl. has started a movement. He is the founder of a group that goes by the name “indie tribe.”The mission is to create dynamic hip-hop collective that is pushing the boundaries of both hip-hop content and sound. Phillips, along with the members of this inspiring collective have built a community that inspires art, creativity, and enlightenment, all of which are expressed directly through his music.


As of today, nobigdyl. has released two full length albums as well as a handful of EPs and singles. This mean’s that there’s plenty of binging material when you understandably fall in love with this this week’s local love – nobigdyl.

nobigdyl. is an eclectic hip-hop artist from Nashville, Tennessee. He has been making waves since the release of his debut project, smoke signal., in January 2015.  The project was downloaded over 3,000 times in the first week and was selected by Wade-O Radio as one of the top 10 projects of the year.  The success of smoke signal. led to nobigdyl.’s selection as one of Rapzilla’s 15 Freshman of 2015.  Rapzilla released their first freshman album, entitled Freshman 2015, in November 2015, on which dyl.’s song, tint., was selected as the debut single. His debut album, Canopy, dropped in 2017 and reached #7 on iTunes Hip-Hop allowing him to gain 5+ million streams independently.  On April 9, 2018, nobigdyl. announced his signing with Capitol Records. He became the third Christian Hip Hop artist to sign to the label, following Social Club Misfits and NF.

For more information on nobigdyl. check out his site here! 

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