James Droll


This week we’re directing the attention to an artist who is no stranger to the Acme Radio studio, James Droll. Be sure to tune in every Monday – Friday at 11 am and again at 7 pm to check out his newest single, “Cut My Teeth”.

Do you ever come across an artist and find yourself liking EVERY song they’ve ever written? In our case that artist is James Droll. This time last year James stopped by our studio on his way to SXSW with an acoustic rendition of his song “Twist My Arm” in hand; safe to say we were hooked.  His repertoire consists of collaborations with artists such as Justin Caruso, Trove, and Devault.

His songs, such as Jacket Weather, portray a striking resemblance the likes of James Blake. The playful synths and catchy lyrics are recipes for great songs that have won over the hearts of the Acme Radio staff.

Born in rural Ohio and currently based in Nashville, James Droll is an artist who takes the good with the bad. His collection of soul-searching songs explores the heart after the fall of a relationship, something that connects anyone who listens. The dark pop tunes are filled with stunning lyrics, tight harmonies, and swelling chords that reach right into the heart and twist with the sweetest of pain.

James Droll made his debut with his song ‘Wall’ which was placed on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ and quickly charted on the Spotify U.S. and Global Viral Charts. Droll has plans to release even more gut-wrenching pop in 2019, so keep on listening to this exciting young songwriter.

James Droll and Jeff Carl stopped by in anticipation of their performance at SXSW 2018's The Nashville House to perform this hauntingly beautiful rendition of James' new song "Twist My Arm." Catch James and many more artists in Austin, TX on March 14th at Maggie Mae's for The Nashville House, and follow us on all the socials to stay up to date with other artists we love!
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