Hari The Band


This week we’re excited to highlight a band we’ve had the pleasure of hosting in the Acme Radio studio before, Hari the Band. Be sure to tune in every Monday – Friday at 11 am and again at 7 pm to hear their new tune, Numb.

From Spewfest to The 5 Spot, the boys of Hari the Band have been frequently gracing Nashville stages as of late. While they may be promoting new music, including their latest single Numb, they haven’t worried about promoting a new sound, as their newest hit sounds like a classic Hari number.

Their unique sound has been more than enough to keep listeners gripped since the release of their first EP, Daze in the Sun, in 2018. We can’t wait to see what these Cold Lunch Recording musicians have in store for the upcoming year.

As with many musical projects, Hari the Band began as a bedroom recording vehicle for Taylor Lowrance, until he recruited fellow Shy Guy alums Ben Crannell and Brennan Walsh and bassist Seth Ferguson to flesh out the new sound. In their debut EP Daze in the Sun, you can hear a shoe-gazey pop gem whose shimmery guitars echo of DIIV, Real Estate, and Slowdive, but with songwriting inspiration from the likes of idols Springsteen and Neil Young.

Keep an eye out for these guys at – https://haritheband.bandcamp.com/releases

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