Carl Anderson


This week we’ve recently hosted on the Acme Feed & Seed stage, Carl Anderson. Be sure to tune in every Monday – Friday at 11 am and again at 7 pm to check out his newest single, “Roses”.

If you’re in search of a melodically ingenious folk songwriter then look no further than Carl Anderson. His ability to string words together and drape them along an equally beautiful chord progression is a talent shared with few modern day songwriters. The soothing and sincere sound of Anderson’s voice has paved way for a trail of praise that recently sent him on tour with folk legend, Nikki Lane.

The two took the Acme Feed & Seed stage at the end of January. His friendship with Acme dates back to last October when he stopped by the studio to show us his song, “What Part Of She Took Everything Don’t You Understand”. It’s safe to say we’ve been hooked ever since.

Carl Anderson, a young singer and songwriter from Virginia, has a rare authenticity, a quality that manages to be both self-assured and yet decidedly free from pretension– a subtle confidence and humility that puts him in step with an older stock of songwriter. It’s a voice that manages to be both virtuosic and yet free from airs; never outshining the simplicity in his words; words that never outshine the song. And like all great songs, they always seem to dictate the motions of our hearts before our heads have time to figure out exactly what they’re about.

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