Amber Woodhouse


This week we have honor of shedding some light on an Acme veteran, Amber Woodhouse. Be sure to tune in every Monday – Friday at 11 am and again at 7 pm when we’ll be playing her latest single, “Whatcha Gonna Do”.

I know what you’re thinking. You recognize the name, you’ve seen the face, and have heard the musical ingeniousness — but you can’t remember where. Despite only having two singles out, Amber Woodhouse has been in the Nashville music scene for a hot minute now. You may recognize her from the band LUTHI in which she plays with Acme Radio’s Carl Gatti (Better known to listeners as DJ Mista Gatti). She’s toured with artists such as Moon Taxi and Josie Dunne, as well as playing the Acme Feed & Seed’s very own, The Music City Toppers. While Amber’s repertoire is long-winded and wildly impressive, her solo work is only just beginning to take shape.

That being said — her experience has given her a unique advantage, as she has quality studio masterings — a rarity for most making their musical debut. She’s only dropped two songs and we’ve already fallen in love here at Acme Radio Live. Check out “Whatcha Gonna Do” and “Cold War” on all streaming platforms, or tune in to Acme Radio when we’ll be keeping her sound in the cycle.

Amber Woodhouse is a saxophonist and singer who blurs the lines between mainstream and the experimental. Performing for 23,000+ people this year alone, and over 200+ dates a year, Amber has found her groove in captivating audiences around the country with powerful and sultry vocals, mellow saxophone riffs and magnetic stage presence. Catching the attention of Moon Taxi, Amber has been on the road as a fear artist on their Put Em’ Up tour. In addition, Amber is a member of the band LUTHI and will be a featured act with handful of nationally touring acts this year.

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